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Workforce Intelligence and Capability Management

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Elevating Workforce Capability

We share your vision that your workforce can do more.  Your traditional training programs, performance reviews, compliance systems, and even your project management are overdue for an overhaul.  Every minute you waste NOT using a system like this will feel like agony once you realize how much BETTER your workforce could be!

Data Driven

We use a data-driven approach and a mobile/web app to test your team's knowledge and confidence every day, without interfering in their busy schedules.

Personalized Mobile Experience

At the same time, our system acts like a personalized tutor, directing to both questions AND ANSWERS based on their performance and what YOU say is the priority.

Managed Service

Meanwhile, we manage and administer all this for you, providing customized reports so that all you have to do is watch your staff's capability -- and your ROI skyrocket!

Worth 15 minutes of your time?

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You can sign up to demo any of our standard programs right from our website.  Registration is quick, and it can run in a browser; you don't even need to download the app!


If you're going to try it out, we just ask that you commit to spend 15 minutes using the tool.  That's 2 minutes/day for just 1 week.  If you can't commit to that, and you're just kicking tires, you might be better off sticking to the traditional, inneffective, and wasteful methods of workforce performance management and boring training.  

If you're note ready for this, that's okay. Only the most visionary and progressive executives are.

Why You Should Care

Your workforce deserves every opportunity to maximize their capability, whatever work it is they do.

To us, capability means the value that they bring to your business. To do that, they need 2 things: knowledge and confidence. Our system leverages the latest technology and the most proven of learning and assessment methodologies to deliver that. 

We protect and enhance your business by focusing on your biggest and riskiest investment: your workers.  We believe that the world of work is not only transforming faster than ever, but on the verge of a technological renaissance, and we want you to be a part of it!

Want to see what all this could mean for you?

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