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Your Workforce is Your Greatest Asset

— And Your Greatest Liability 
Don't you want more control over what they're capable of?

What if Workforce Training Actually Worked?

The "traditional" solution, training, just isn't good enough any more. We're not sure it ever really was!
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Do you know what your workforce knows?

Whether your workers are operating heavy machinery or digital tools, their productivity drives your business. And whether you measure their productivity in terms of revenue generation, net promoter scores, project performance, or safety, their capability depends on one thing: information.

Your Workforce is Information-Dependent

So you've given them access to plenty of information. Too much. You've sent them to training. You've set requirements for credentials. You have mentoring, coaching, and supervision in place.  They have access to all the information online. But how do you know what information they are using?  How do you know what they know?

The pace of change in society and technology has made it more challenging than ever to keep your workforce informed. It's even harder to evaluate how much information they retain as knowledge that they can apply to do their jobs the way you expect.  How much confidence do you have that your investments in your workforce's capability are actually worth it?

The Problem

Your company's ability to generate revenue, manage risk, and optimize productivity depends on what you know about what your people know about what you want them to do and how to do it.

The Solution:

Data-Driven Workforce Decision Making

Soteria120 has created a new way to manage workforce capability.  Our solution enables:
  • Continuous daily knowledge assessment without testing
  • Education tailored to the knowledge gaps of each employee without training
  • Analytics and insights without all the effort and data science
  • Accelerated technical implementations and communications without change management
  • Quicker feedback on the effectiveness of every initiative without the consultants
  • Critical thinking skills and knowledge sharing without dependence on HR
  • Predictive risk management without the risk

The best part is that we can do all this in just 2 minutes a day!

What's the secret?


Only about 15% of the information people learn in any form of traditional training is remembered a month after the training. If we assume that the information covered was useful to the worker (and often it's not), this problem impacts every aspect of your business: productivity, compliance, risk, and income.

So why does Soteria120 outperform every other system out there? The problem is built in to the way those other systems try to solve the problem: Training!

Why can't traditional methods deliver results?

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Soteria120 Takes The Hassle Out of Implementing Our System

(And ANY other systems implementation, procedural change, or organizational transformation that you're already working on!)

Managed Service

We take responsibility for ensuring that your staff uses our system properly.
That means we make sure your implementation delivers the results you want!

User Engagement

The secret sauce to our system is getting people to use it daily.
We take responsibility for engaging and motivating your workforce to use our system so you don't have to!

No Distractions

You already have enough on your plate without adding in yet another system.
We project manage the details.
This won't even be an item on your to-do list!

Insights > Analytics

Our powerful analytics process all the data on your staff's performance in our system.
We go beyond the fancy dashboards and provide you with actionable insights!

Reducing Hassle: an example

One of the many things our system does is allow you to deliver information and training to your staff quicker and with less effort than any other system on the market.  Once in the system, you can do this yourself, or use our managed service.  We call this approach Agile Microlearning.  It's exactly what it sounds like: an agile, iterative way to execute the entire instructional lifecycle.

The old way of producing and delivering corporate training is slow and ineffective.  Most leaders don’t know that an alternative exists.  The new way transforms every step of the process—and even eliminates most of them!  Better yet, it works; and we can prove it!

Areas We Help With:

  • Training & Development
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Product Knowledge
  • Risk Management
  • Liability Reduction
  • Workforce Productivity
  • Mental Wellness
  • Knowledge Assessment
  • Increased Efficiency

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Why People are Excited About Soteria120

We're excited to be using Soteria120's system.  I like that it will save me time and money while helping me connect with my team.  My employees have been testing it out already and they love it too!

Alice Tinkerton, Small Business Owner, Edmonton, AB

My middle managers were wasting half their time answering simple questions from frontline workers and re-explaining the same procedures repeatedly. Soteria120 virtually eliminated that wasted time in just a couple of months. Not only are my managers and workers more efficient, but their contributing meaningfully to continuous improvement and generating new business for us!

Richard Bueckert, CEO, Mid-size Tech Company, Calgary, AB

Start Reducing Costs, Lowering Liability, and Raising Productivity Today.

Traditional workforce training models are outdated and inefficient. That means you're wasting money. Soteria120 helps your discover and close gaps in your team's knowledge, increases memory retention, lowers costs, and boosts productivity--all while elevating your team's capability!

Soteria120 App

Soteria120 App

or call: 587-355-1550