Project Management Basics

Project Management

Project Management has evolved from a specialized discipline that only came up in huge IT and construction projects to a common term that applies to many aspects of business and corporate support disciplines.  Project Management Professional (PMP) prep courses, bootcamps, and and online training is everywhere. That's not what this is.

The Problem:

Project Management training, like all training, is usually a single-pass process.  You take a course, pass an exam, but how much did you remember; what can you actually DO?  In the Project Management industry your experience, your portfolio, is far more important than your education and professional designation.  Training is seen a useful minimum standard, especially keeping up with the latest version of the PMBOK, but it's not highly valued by employers and project owners.  There is a shared understanding that better tools are needed to validate skills, capabilities, and knowledge.

The Solution:

Soteria120 offers a new type of capability management tool that focuses on continuous assessment and retention of knowledge.  This isn't an exam prep or bootcamp, or even a course.  It's a tool that assess both knowledge and confidence on every concept. We see PMs using this to manage project team members' awareness of PM concepts and PMOs customizing content in this platform to track capabilities and manage the performance of their PMs.

Discover how The Soteria120 micro-learning phone app trains you and creates mastery with easy-to-understand, daily 2-minute sessions.