Hybrid Virtual Classroom

The Hybrid Virtual Classroom

The Soteria120 Hybrid Virtual Classroom is the COVID-19 compliant training delivery method for now and for the future.

We've taken the best elements of the in-person classroom experience, the video conference and webinar world, and competency-based skills assessment and combined them with our digital learning platform.

Why a Hybrid Virtual Classroom?

We recognize that the Soteria120 platform and associated learning principles are novel for customers and require not only a mental adjustment but a change in the way training is planned, administered, budgeted, and paid for. Learners must begin using the system months before they need the skill or certificate. Customers are not used to this.

To help bridge this gap we partner with traditional safety training companies to offer the traditional course via virtual or in-person classroom delivery, and then include a steeply discounted 1-year Soteria120 subscription for the learner to maintain their mastery.

Crucially, the skill demonstration portion of the course (if applicable) is also done remotely via a video call. These skill demonstrations must be done live—a recorded video is not an acceptable substitute.

The Hybrid Virtual Classroom includes:

  • 8-hour classroom session delivered via Zoom
  • Course workbook completed during class as a fillable PDF document
  • Course exam delivered at the end of the virtual classroom session and monitored to ensure fairness
  • Course certificate from our partner, Industrial Employee Safety valid for 3 years
  • 1 year Soteria120 program license
  • 15-minute skill demo assessment via Google Duo
    • must be completed within 3 months of the course

Students participate in the course from their own computer.  The minimal computer skills and technical requirements are:

  • Computer must have an internet connection capable of streaming video
  • Computer must be able to open PDF documents (many PDF readers are available for free download)
  • Computer must have a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari)
  • Computer must be able to install free Zoom software
  • Computer must have a front-facing camera (most laptops have this)
    • Alternately, an external webcam or a smartphone can be used for the student's video
  • Student must be able to click on links to open them
  • Student must be able to type and select answers
  • Students must be able to download and operate the Google Duo video chat app on their smartphone (iOS or Android) 
  • Student must be able to remain in the virtual classroom for the entire course (8 hours, including 3 breaks)
  • A headset microphone is recommended but is not necessary


Fall Protection

Fall Protection

Fall Protection

Gravity is everywhere, it never takes a break and every year workers suffer its effects. Every year workers die or are seriously injured from fall associated incidents. Every year we have a Day of Mourning for those workers who have died on the job.

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