Program Roadmap

Big Picture

Our long term plan is to offer our programs as alternatives to the entire traditional construction safety training curriculum. Across Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia, there is a set of about 50 certificate courses that are mostly the same except for minor variations due to differences in legislation between countries, states, and provinces. Moving into adjacent industries is also part of our plan as we integrate new geographical jurisdictions. Industrial Operations and Maintenance, Manufacturing, Maritime Industries, and the Energy sector are all included in our long term vision to focus on situations where workplace safety is a life-and-death equation.

Moving beyond our safety scope, we are developing programs to support all aspects of workforce capability as we seek to transform the workplace and update workforce performance management for this century and the next. There programs include Sales, Professionalism, Applied Mental Wellness, and the Truly Human Lifestyle.

Courses Under Development

We're always working on adding to our program catalog. These are the programs we've started work on:

TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods)

Transportation of Dangerous Goods is one of those common courses, like WHMIS, where traditional training really fails to deliver (just memorize these symbols for the quiz–you'll never actually need to know them!) The Soteria120 model exceeds all in-class and eLearning options for TDG training in making sure that participants can actually remember and apply what they learn. If your business transports classified goods, then this course is for you!

LOTO (Lockout/Tagout)

Lock out, tag out. It's a simple concept, right? But it's one of the most important safety systems in the operations maintenance industry. If you work in these industries you know how important it is and how uncompromising your clients are in making sure all workers onsite during shutdowns and turnarounds grasp the concept–and the risks!

Arc Flash

If you work around high voltage electrical systems you hopefully understand the risk of arc flash already. If not, all you need to know is that in an arc fault temperatures can reach 20,000 degrees C. Understanding the risks associated with these systems and what to do to prevent them is not something you want to just revisit once every 3 years. Our training system covers the basics but also continuously grows with the scenarios and stories added by participants.

Hand Tools

While not being the scariest risks on a construction site, hand tools are one of the top causes of injuries and incidents. Basic awareness of the types of tools and their associated risks is crucial for junior workers to be confident and safe on the job. The Soteria120 system takes these tools seriously, and not only helps participants master the knowledge associated with hand tools, but provides supervisors with insight into exactly how well workers understand these risks.

Basic Electrical Safety

We've all zapped ourselves changing light fixtures or doing household maintenance, and sometimes its easy to not take electricity seriously. But it is deadly and accounts for about 100 construction fatalities in the US each year. There's a lot more to "basic" electrical safety than just "don't touch a live wire," too. This program covers a wide range of electrical hazards, scenarios, and tools to make sure your electricians are safe whether they are journeymen or amateurs.

Basic Plumbing Safety

Because plumbing equipment is often insufficiently or improperly maintained, working around piping and the associated activities of gasfitting, HVAC, and mechanical work is fraught with risks from biohazards, gas, and chemicals.

Basic Carpentry Safety

Focusing specifically on tools, equipment, and situations where carpenters face safety risks on the worksite, this program is all about helping your workforce approach those risks with the right mindset. From building hazard awareness to reviewing and sharing real-world scenarios, our carpentry safety program is a valuable tool in any contractor's toolbelt.

Basic Ironworker Safety

Ironwork presents unique workplace hazards that don't apply to most other trades. From welding fumes to crush points, this program covers essential concepts, tools, and systems that workers need to master in order to avoid incidents. Built using expertise from multiple jurisdictions, our Ironworker safety program is a key component in any major construction contractor's playbook.

Construction Project Management Safety

Most safety incidents in construction happen in the last quarter of the schedule on projects that are running behind. There are a lot of factors that drive that–and many of them start in the management office. From the corporate leadership to the on-site supervisors, leaders play a major role in setting the tone and expectation for safety on the project. Management is also responsible for controlling the schedule and budget, and this program explores how those two factors are the key to executing the project safely.

Ground Disturbance

Buried hazards and the dangers associated with working in and around holes and trenches are serious risks for many construction projects. Built to the highest industry standards, this program equips supervisors and workers to understand and interpret these ground disturbance risks. It also provides insights to management as to where the company's behavioural risks are when it comes to executing this kind of work.

Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is often seen as a topic more suited to administrative and office settings. At Soteria120 we believe that any competency that might impact workers' safety belongs in field level training, and we make sure that we deliver that training efficiently and effectively. So this program pairs with our amazing mental wellness suite very nicely. It's based on the simple principle that when workers feel psychologically safe they are more likely to speak up about on site hazards and risky behaviours. What construction crew wouldn't benefit from that?!

Start Here...

Starting in Alberta, we will expand our programs to fit the minor differences in each Canadian province. From that base we will look to spread our revolution in construction safety to the US, and UK, where the regulations are most similar. We also look forward to bringing this revolution to the rest of the world, and with automated translation available for our programs, that can easily be accelerated to meet demand. 

... And Keep Going!

Our program roadmap covers the set of industry-standard safety certification courses commonly required across the high risk technical industries, but we're not stopping there! We also look for opportunities to use our revolutionary approach to impact workplace safety beyond just the typical courses.  We've already developed programs like Mental Wellness and our COVID-19 Business Survival Guide that we think will have a greater impact on safety than, say, Fall Protection. With an approach like ours, we can look for the hidden factors that cause workplace incidents and build programs for those–and there are no regulatory jurisdictions for those courses!

Better yet, we can customize the content in any of our programs way more easily than any other system out there.
This means our catalog of programs is potentially enormous!

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