Sales Professional Competencies

Salesperson Competency Assessment

Soteria120 has developed a competency assessment for salespeople based on the Canadian Professional Sales Association's Competency Framework Certified Sales Associate Standard.  

This demo program is intended to showcase the use of our assessment system and microlearning platform for the purposes of:

  • Assessing incoming and existing salespeoples' understanding of the basics of professionalism in their discipline
  • Educating salespeople about the professional standards in their discipline
  • Ongoing continuous improvement and skill development of professionals in the discpline
  • Meeting educational requirements for various professional certifications
  • Demonstrating up-to-date training and skills to employers.
The demo consists of 360 questions and covers 3 modules:
  • Prospecting
  • Fostering Client Relationships
  • Negotiating and Closing
We are interested in collecting as much feedback on this tool from as many different people and organizations as possible.  If you're at all interested in testing it out - or testing your own knowledge - you can sign up here, now or watch the video below for more information.
All your data will remain anonymous, and no personally identifiable information will be shared with your employer or anyone else.

2-Minute Demo - Self Assessment

Are you a champion sales wizard looking for new and innovative ideas to improve your sales? Do you want to see where you land in terms of industry standards?

Are you an aspiring salesperson? Are you looking to see what skills are necessary to become successful?

Whether you are a titan of industry or a sales newbie, with the sales Professional Competencies program brought to you by Soteria120 you can become a certified sales professional.

Wondering if the program and certification are the right next steps for you?

The following is a quick 2-minute self-assessment quiz to give you a preface of what the program is and how much you could benefit from the program.

How to Get Started

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Register for the Soteria120 Demo

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