IT Security

IT Security for Employees

 Your employees are your business' front line in securing your business against cybersecurity intrusions. This program provides comprehensive education and risk management support to protect your company against the evolving landscape of IT threats. 

The Problem:

Cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities are everywhere! Hackers and malware can compromise your users' data, steal your intellectual property, and rob your business.  Your greatest weakness is your employee's knowledge of these threats and how to guard against them. 

The Solution:

Rather than a one-time course where they will forget most of what they learned, our program educates your team and modifies their behaviour over time.  Plus, it gives you insight into what they know based on their daily 2-minute check-ins with the program.

It's not just for teams though.  Individual users are welcome to use the program as well.  

Our testers have reported learning more from this program than they have in a lifetime of computer use and education.  That's why we decided to make it a free demo! If you purchase any program package we will include the IT Security program as well at no additional cost.

Course Outline

This program covers the following topics:

  • Malware
  • Password Security
  • Social Engineering
  • Computer Security
  • Physical Security
  • Prevention
  • Response

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