Powerful Analytics = Actionable Business Intelligence

Advanced training and agile microlearning just scratches the surface of what Soteria120 can do. Under the hood is a powerful machine learning algorithm that personalizes learning. The same AI technology powers incredible analytics enabled by unique learner data that we build on  to provide our customers with flexible and customized dashboards using Microsoft PowerBI.


Our custom data analytics enable predictive behavioural risk dashboards. What’s that? It’s the risk, which only our system can identify, that your staff is confident but wrong. We can show you who falls into this category, on which tasks, and where they fit within your team so that you can dynamically assign tasks or reassign teams to mitigate risk resulting in injuries, damage, and other costly mistakes. The dashboards also allow supervisors and risk professionals to drill down from a flexible view of the organization’s engagement, performance, and learning gaps in the system.

Live Dashboards

The amazing thing about these dashboards is that they are real-time!  Data from your staff’s performance in the system is updated in the dashboard nightly, meaning that you have the most up-to-date, actionable intelligence on your team’s risk profile. This kind of crucial decision-making input has never been available before and isn’t available elsewhere. How did we discover this? By looking at training as more than just an information delivery process. This is the  future of skill development, competency assessment and management, and risk management, disguised as a training tool!

Sample Risk Dashboard

The example below is a fully dynamic presentation of our dashboard system, based on fake data.  It shows how you can drill down, slice and dice, and explore the dataset to uncover insights about your organization.

Note: This page doesn’t display well on mobile devices, because of the direct connection to PowerBI.  Please load this on a desktop to get the full experience.

Test out the dashboard with the following activities:

Step 1

Select any name in the user roster to view the performance of that user

Step 2

Select a module to view the performance of users within that module

Step 3

Select a month to see your employees’ performance in that month

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