Our Purpose

Our purpose started out as a quest to find a better way to deliver safety training for industrial and construction staff. We recognized that the current approach simply didn’t deliver results. Instead what it did was to just check a box for employers, transferring the responsibility for safety to the worker and reducing the employer’s liability.

Since then, we've evolved the solutions we created to fit many more aspects of workforce performance, and many more industries.  The factors we tap into to make workers safer are in fact the same ones that make workers more productive.

What do we mean by that?

Well, you have employees out in the field (or in your office) that have ZERO recollection of the safety information they were exposed to 18 months ago. Their recollection of the training you sent them to a couple of weeks ago is only slightly better.

Studies show that information retention from training caps out at about 15%, even just a few weeks after training. Was that information safety-related? Compliance? Related to procedures they don’t use regularly? You did your part: you sent them to training, right?

It doesn’t matter. You’re LIABLE! The “training course” model is no longer enough: courts won’t accept it, and neither should you. You sent them to training so that they could actually DO something with what they learned, right?

You may have sent your people to the necessary training, but when your exhausted employee plows his semi through a protester's blockade and mercilessly crushes that 24-year-old woman and her 5-month-old baby...
or your worker falls off a roof…
or your admin releases confidential information into the world…
or your partner opens that email attachment that compromises your whole network…


This same principle applies in almost all training situations;
whether it’s safety, software, leadership, compliance, or even soft skills.

So we went looking. We found a better way to train people, 
but it required a complete re-think of how you deliver information and what you can achieve.


Here are the high points:
  • Our service delivers activities directly to the learner on their phone or computer for 2 minutes a day, every day.
  • There are no “courses” and no “tests.” Every activity checks competence AND confidence.
  • Activities are selected by an AI from a bank of content based on the user’s performance.
  • The content is developed by subject matter and training experts specifically for this new format. It’s completely unique, and revolutionary.

What we realized in putting this together was that while this system was way more powerful in terms of learning than anything else in the industry, the analytics we could pull from the system were even more transformative. With the user data generated in the system, we can predict a new form of behavioural risk. This will tell you who is at risk of doing what and provide inputs to your entire operations management plan, allowing you to optimize your risk profile. There is no other system that can do that.

So what does that mean for you and your business?

Whenever we build or buy training what we’re really talking about is risk. You train your people to shape their behaviour in a way that increases the likelihood of them doing what you and reduces the chances of them doing something you don’t want, or that could hurt them and your business.

Your current training approach doesn’t really protect you enough. Not in the new era of corporate liability, unsupervised work, and social risk. So your only option is to hire more safety officers, or tangle your team up in procedures and convoluted technical processes, right? That’s expensive and gets in the way of business.

Or at least it WAS your only option, until now. Soteria120 is the revolutionary risk optimization and training platform that can protect your business without strangling you with costs and hassles. Oh- and did we mention it would reduce your costs?

We have powerful analytics and in-line AI that can train your people, predict behavioural risk, and optimize it at the same time. We provide you with a level of business security that you can’t get anywhere else. We can start small, focusing in on one area of your business that you’re concerned with, or use the tool to detect weaknesses and opportunities across your operations. And we will do this all in just 120 seconds per day.

So our plans are to transform your industry with this tool. To provide you with a level of business security that you can’t get anywhere else. We can start small, focusing in on one area of your business that you’re concerned with, or use the tool to detect weaknesses and opportunities that your management consultant’s SWOT analysis will miss. And we plan to do this all in just 120 seconds per day.

What we’re offering is a risk management tool that masquerades as the most advanced, minimalist, low-friction training platform on the market. 

What we’re proposing is a modern system for the modern workforce; one that perfectly fits the new COVID-19 environment. 

What we’re promising is nothing short of transformational value.

Soteria120 Team

You can be good in many specialities but it’s hard to be exceptional at all. Each of our team members is trained in unique disciplines that build the Soteria120 System.

Allan Macdonald

Allan Macdonald


Allan has spent the past 30 years working in emergency response and safety related industries.  He is an accomplished instructor who has taught around the world in a variety of settings.  Allan’s passion is aiding his clients in finding the safest way to successfully and efficiently complete a project, program or task.  He is constantly assessing alternative approaches to overcoming a challenge. 

Allan has a wealth of experience in forestry, mining, utility operations, heavy equipment operation, petroleum operations at sea and on land.  His vast array of deployments allows him to relate to most topics.  Those he has little or no experience with, he either researches or he has an associate that can aid him and his clients.  Allan is always looking for the next challenge….. drop him a line.

Rob Crooks

Robert Crooks


Rob is animated by a vision to transform the learning industry. He has 2 decades of experience in the training industry as a trainer, designer, manager, and consultant. He also sits on various advisory councils and leads local and national teams in the workplace learning industry.

For Rob, it’s not just about providing good value for clients. He sees an urgent need to provide better learning tools for all of society. The training tools we provide in the workplace, just like the education provided in schools, are not good enough to build the workforce and leaders of the future.

Rob wants to shift the conversation in the training world. It doesn’t matter what outcome you’re trying to achieve, you need to inform your team and shape their behaviour. Rob and his partners built Soteria120 to provide an entirely new, and much more powerful, approach to learning.

Daniel Kempling

Daniel Kempling


Daniel is a dedicated Safety and Emergency Management professional with a passion for education and mentorship. In his career in Health and Safety, Daniel has worked as Rescue Tech, Medic, site Safety Officer, Trainer, Regional Manager and Municipal Safety Coordinator. In the Emergency Management realm, Daniel has worked as Director of Emergency Management and currently serves as a member of Alberta Task Force 1, NW Alberta’s All Hazard Incident Management team.

Daniel’s development in these disciplines has been aided by his lifelong dedication to the Martial Arts, where he has attained a sixth-degree black belt in the art of Aikido.

Known for his engaging speaking style, Daniel has shared his insights with the self-development community internationally as a workshop facilitator for over 20 years.

Tyler Henbid

Tyler Henbid


Tyler Henbid is a Business Owner and Project Manager who runs the construction division of YYC Property Solutions Ltd. After spending over a decade working in the construction industry and with time spent in both the automotive and food and beverage industry, Tyler knows what it truly takes to run a successful business, it’s not a plethora of one-off projects. It is how you service your clients, providing on time, on budget projects with a solution-based model.

Tyler has managed construction projects well over $465 million, provided consulting for small businesses, tested the waters within the technology industry and is now focusing on merging workplace safety and technology into a platform that will focus on mitigating risks for business owners and employees.

Why People are Excited About Soteria120

We're excited to be using Soteria120's system.  I like that it will save me time and money while helping me connect with my team.  My employees have been testing it out already and they love it too!

Alice Tinkerton, Small Business Owner, Edmonton, AB

What excites me about Soteria120 is how they talk about managing risk.  Our construction company is always worried about risk, but we haven't really connected that in with our training programs before!

Cameron Alistair, Construction Superintendent, Calgary, AB

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