This spring and summer, as we all struggled to deal with COVID-19 and the related disruptions Soteria120 took the opportunity to test out some of our ideas while helping to

Soteria120 was proud to be featured in Best Startup Magazine recently.  Click here to view the article:Robert Crooks: SOTERIA120 Works With Companies That Need a Better Solution To Manage the

The pandemic has brought about many over-used words. The word resilience is front and centre after a year of such great change, which is why Soteria120 is placing a new

This is a story about how Soteria120 was founded. It speaks to our passion and purpose, but it also shows how making mistakes and being open to opportunities can lead

We've talked before about how proud we are to work with so many students through the Riipen platform. This last semester one of the student groups we worked with was

Image shows student researchers presenting their project via zoom

The Summer of 2020 was a busy one for Soteria120.  Not because we had tons of business coming in the door though, but because we engaged with 66 students and

Soteria120 Logo

Great question! At Soteria120 we chose the blue and gold colors to reflect our corporate qualities: The gold colour means gold standard service and business security through quality learning that

OK, so I've limited my news intake, I'm getting oodles of sleep, and certainly eating well. I'm staying home like a good human protecting myself and others. Now what? Professionals

A new record! I counted the words "mental health" 26 times on the news today today. (Counting words is my "more responsible" version of the drinking game haha). Had enough

Before I moved full time into Occupational Health and Safety I used to run a residential construction company. Every once in a while, as a builder, you come across a