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some Straight Talk about Training and how it affects your business

Most companies realize that workers consider training to be a benefit as valuable as a health plan or company RRSP contributions. In a recent study, a clear majority of employees reported that they’d likely stay longer at a company that was visibly committed and invested in Training than one that wasn't.

Now more than ever, training is perceived as a more compelling factor to join an organization and is often as important as salary. Workers know that clear procedures and instructions not only help them perform better day-to-day, they indicate that the company is committed to valuing their workers as partners in their joint success.

Soteria120 delivers precisely what you need to support an effective performance support program. Soteria120 operates on Apple and Android devices as well as any web browser on any computer. Our system presents your workers with up-to-date, relevant information on an agile platform that is remarkably easy-to-use. You and your workers will benefit from safety training sessions that are quick, relevant, and very easy to understand.

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The Traditional Training Model Is Broken:

Traditional training is seriously flawed. This case example looks at the tri-annual re-training in safety and compliance courses, where every 3 years, your workers are mandated to receive "refresher" training. However, this is not only misleading, it's downright wrong. "Refresher" training assumes a certain level of retention from the last course. Industry standards show that just 7 days after training, upwards of 80% of the material presented is already forgotten.

Is it any wonder that accidents - accidents that should not have happened if the training protocols had been followed - regularly occur just a short time after a training session?

Adding insult to injury are the direct, and indirect, costs of safety training...

Factor in the direct wages and the associated payroll costs, the price of the training itself, the lost productivity, plus travel, meals, etc, and the cash outlay can be staggering!

Does Soteria120 Make Sense For Your Company?

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The Soteria120 Solution:

In just 2-minutes per day, Soteria120 not only delivers the relevant safety training your workers need, but it also tests their knowledge, comprehension, and confidence

Built into every Soteria120 safety training program is an algorithm that monitors your workers' reactions. Soteria120 watches not only for the correct response but also evaluates the time it takes the worker to respond as well as the confidence level of the worker's response.

The Soteria120 software uses this information to assess your worker's mastery of each module and provides supplementary education until mastery of the module is achieved.

But there's more than just "achieving" mastery. You have to maintain it.

Soteria120 continually revisits each module to verify ongoing competence and mastery of each topic with refresher training added as needed.

Best of all, workers that maintain mastery levels qualify for online renewal of their safety certifications ELIMINATING the need for the costly tri-annual classroom training.

Soteria120's re-certification partners provide quick, online re-certifications that are accepted by all governing bodies.

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Discover how The Soteria120 micro-learning phone app trains you and creates mastery with easy-to-understand, daily 2-minute sessions.