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Are You Prepared To Take The Fall For Your Employees?

When Your Employee is 100% Certain They’re Doing Things The Right Way
— But They’re Actually Not
It’s Your Company's Liability 
- Not Theirs!

The "Renew Every 3 Years" Training Model Is Flawed

Training employees is challenging for every business. It takes time, money, and energy. And it takes them in large doses.

When you send your employees to a training seminar, you’re responsible for the cost. This includes food, travel, accommodations, your employee’s salary, and the cost of training itself. It’s not cheap, but it’s necessary to ensure everyone’s safety.

Soteria120 is a true "win-win-win" for your company. 

  • You win with workers that are always properly trained and following the safest procedures.
  • You win with reduced costs and liabilities due to accidents.
  • And you win by converting the time and attendance costs normally lost to "classrooms" back into profitable "production time".

Soteria120 Does More Than Just Cut The Costs Of Re-Certification

Global Access

Your employees do all of their training wherever they have internet access (hint: almost everywhere). This level of convenience increases their workplace abilities.

Zero Travel Expense

Never pay again for food, travel, or accommodations to send your staff for re-certification. Your company will save thousands of dollars every year.

Superior Retention

Artificial Intelligence employed throughout each training module is uniquely adaptive to each individual. This level of personalization increases your employees' ability to retain information, and is only possible with Soteria120.

Reduced Liability

Fewer workplace accidents saves money, time, and lives. Let’s start increasing your profits, training your employees faster and more efficiently, and creating a safer work environment for everyone.  

Our Fields of Specialization

  • Training & Development
  • Construction
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Risk Management
  • Liability Reduction
  • Workplace Safety
  • Mental Wellness
  • Cost Reduction
  • Increased Efficiency

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Why People are Excited About Soteria120

We're excited to be using Soteria120's system.  I like that it will save me time and money while helping me connect with my team.  My employees have been testing it out already and they love it too!

Alice Tinkerton, Small Business Owner, Edmonton, AB

What excites me about Soteria120 is how they talk about managing risk.  Our construction company is always worried about risk, but we haven't really connected that in with our training programs before!

Cameron Alistair, Construction Superintendent, Calgary, AB

Soteria120 Team

You can be good in many specialties but it’s hard to be exceptional at all. Each of our team members is trained in unique disciplines that build the Soteria120 System.

Rob Crooks

robert crooks

Founder, Trainer, Designer, Manager, Training Consultant, eLearning Specialist

Daniel Kempling

Daniel kempling

Founder, Rescue Tech, Medic, Site Safety Officer, Trainer, Municipal Safety Coordinator

Tyler Henbid

Tyler Henbid


Start Reducing Costs, Lowering Liability, and Raising Productivity Today.

Traditional training models are outdated and inefficient. Worse than that, they're dangerous. Your employees deserve better. Soteria120 increases memory retention, lowers costs, and boosts productivity--all while lowering workplace accidents. 

or call: 587-355-1550