April 9

COVID-19: Where Soteria120 Fits In

COVID-19, Entrepreneurship, Rob Crooks, Safety Training


COVID-19: Where Soteria120 Fits In

By Rob Crooks, MSC, CTDP

April 9, 2020

COVID-19, Microlearning, Soteria120

The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and challenge our expectations of stability.  Our economies are strained: people are either out of work, afraid to go to work, or working from home.  They are left dependent on government budgets that are already strained.  Our social fabric is frayed: “social distancing” (which really means physical distancing), masks, gloves, self-quarantine, and other measures all feel unnatural. 

Our social norms have turned into taboos over the course of the last month.  Suddenly we’re afraid of our neighbours because they might carry an invisible, symptom-less, but potentially deadly disease.  Persistent fear and anxiety ferment an equally invisible tension in our brief public interactions.  Going out for groceries, usually as mundane a task as you could imagine, your blood pressure shoots up as you scrub your hands with sanitizer. 

We now see health risks everywhere: from filling up your gas tank to picking fruit at the store to getting your mail, we are stalked by an invisible killer.  To protect us, normal activities have been shut down with the force of law and the rules change daily.  Our compliance depends on our already fragile trust in government and institutions.  These are scary times!

In this environment, launching a new company with new services that are so different from conventional models seems risky—even crazy!  But that’s actually what pushed us to accelerate our launch timeline.  Soteria120 can directly help business owners struggling to stay afloat during this crisis.  We provide a factual, 2-way information pipeline between supervisors and workers.  We also provide important context and reinforcement for business owners, all in 2-minute bite-size chunks.  We call this our minimalist, low-friction approach.  When even picking up a box of oranges at the grocery store is fraught with “friction,” our system is a needed change!

Our system is also an ideal replacement for in-person training and meetings which are not currently possible.  There is a vast landscape of online learning available, and some of it is quite good; but our system is in an ecosystem of its own.  It flips the standard approaches upside-down: where the old approach is content first, learn-then-do systems, ours starts with the evaluation and stays there.  The learning phase is integrated with the testing phase.  Testing is barely even part of most online learning, it’s too easy, and it’s not predictive.  Traditional systems also fail to deliver retention, which is the core focus of the learning aspect of Soteria120.

We’ll talk more about our systems value proposition in other posts here.  The point of this discussion is to provide context for how our system fits into the COVID-19 business scenario, and how it is positioned for the post-COVID-19 scenario (whenever, and whatever, that is!)

Click here to get the app for free, and see if you agree!

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Rob Crooks, MSC, CTDP

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Rob is one of the founders of Soteria120.
He writes for the blog on topics involving the instructional design principles and strategy of the company as we work to disrupt and transform the learning industry. He brings his background in learning and development, management, and neuroscience to the blog while commenting on how Soteria120's platform works to deliver better results and turn training into a risk management asset.

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