Fall Protection

Fall Protection

The Story

Gravity is everywhere, it never takes a break and every year workers suffer its effects. Every year workers die or are seriously injured from fall associated incidents. Every year we have a Day of Mourning for those workers who have died on the job.

The Problem:

Fall protection and safety are not addressed well enough on sites. You get busy with your beloved trade and forget about the training from one or two or three years ago. We develop shortcuts and fall protection steps start to get missed due to lack of reminders. It is simply not possible for one safety officer to be everywhere helping us remember all the topics that were given in that 6-8 hour safety course we took for the nth time.

Course Outline:

This program covers the following topics:

  • Equipment
  • Inspection
  • Legislation
  • Standards
  • Procedures
  • Fall Restraint vs. Fall Arrest
  • Anchor Systems

The Solution:

Soteria120’s fall protection program designed for supervisors and workers who work at heights. You will learn the assembly techniques and correct use of fall protection systems. Through daily contact with the material, users will not only understand the risks and consequences of working at heights, they will change their behaviours where selection, inspection, assembly and care for fall protection systems is concerned.

Your employees will be safer, and you will have the performance data to prove it. Imagine being able to measure, in real time, the performance of your employees and to be able to show that to a compliance officer! We use advanced question theory, original short multi-media clips and positive reinforcement of concepts to ensure the information is retained in long term memory. Unlike traditional one shot instructor led courses, our instructors and materials are always at your disposal, through our app, for quick reference or mastering a fall protection concept.


Zach Worker

Field Employee, Wipe Clean Windows

I think this would be really helpful for training and getting new employees up to speed with expectations and routines.

Nicholas Stainsby Contractor

Owner, Wipe Clean Windows

Soteria120 is a great way to stay current with your fall arrest, I believe this will be the standard of training in years to come. The mobile interface is awesome!

Chris Hamilton

We're saving money!

"You can no longer work as you did before. Every process that can be automated should be in order to eliminate mistakes and free up high cost workers to do higher value tasks"

Peter Worker

Field Employee, Wipe Clean Windows

I like how it makes safety the main focus.

Discover how The Soteria120 micro-learning phone app trains you and creates mastery with easy-to-understand, daily 2-minute sessions.