May 11

How You Doin’?

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How You Doin’?

By Lee Sweeney, QSR

May 11, 2020

COVID-19, Free resources, Mental Wellness

A new record! I counted the words "mental health" 26 times on the news today today. (Counting words is my "more responsible" version of the drinking game haha).

Had enough yet? Have you been told enough times to look out for your mental health?

But... how many times did they tell you HOW? 

HOW is very much up to YOU, your individual needs, situation, and severity of the issue(s). What I need is not necessarily what you need.

Spend a few minutes self reflecting honestly:

  • Seriously, how are YOU? How are you really?
  • What do you need?
  • How can your community and personal resources help?
  • How can I help my community?

Now go check out the MANY resources below. There are TONS of FREE resources for you, and to help you help others. Even if it's just learning about yourself. Take the time to find what you need and use the resources you have, you deserve it!

Even though the restrictions are starting to be lifted the risks are still real. These resources are local Alberta. If they don't apply to you, you can be sure that similar resources are available where you live.

You can also get a free COVID19 app and great resources at:

Alberta Help & Crisis Lines:

  • 1-877-303-2642 (Toll free) 24 / 7 telephone service, offers help for mental health concerns for Albertans.
  • (403) 266-4357 (HELP) - DIstress Centre Calgary 24/7 Crisis Counselling Calgary
  • (780)-482-4357 (HELP) - DIstress Centre Edmonton 24/7 Crisis Counselling Edmonton

Wellness includes your mind - what have you done for your mental health today?

Please note that the information contained in this blog is not meant as a substitute for professional psychologial counselling, or formal mental health training. If you or someone else is a danger to themselves or others please DIAL 9-1-1

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