Impact Study

Workplace Injuries are Still a Serious Issue!

The Problem

Industry and regulators continue to make improves in injury rates and severity. But these interventions fail to make a significant impact on the actual causes of injuries, accidents, and fatalities on the job. These numbers of workplace injuries are not acceptable!

The Solution

At Soteria120 we use the latest technology and established best practices to manages workplace risks at the behavioural level. By educating staff, measuring confidence, and providing insights to supervision, we can dramatically lower injury counts.

The data and charts presented below are part of a student project to collect workplace injury data and make the case for the impact that Soteria120's programs could have when implemented on a wide scale.  

The case is clear: Soteria120 will not only reduce injury claims, but also save time and money for companies!

Comparison of how using Soteria120 can reduce the Lost Time Frequency Claim Rate in Canada over the next 5-year period.

Soteria120  training will bring down the Lost Time Frequency Claim Rate to 0.5 for every 10,000 employees by the end of the year 2025 (over a 5-year training period). The reason why the Claim rate hits a plateau of 0.5 is because of following factors which are associated with Natural calamities, Human behavior related to psychological factors, Unforeseen events, Misusing work ethics and Medical history.

Table 1.0 – Comparison table of Loss Time Claims Frequency Rate with Soteria120

Historical data of Lost Time Claim Rate for every 10000 employees in each province across Canada.

Lost Time Claim Rates in each province across Canada for the year 2019 for every 10,000 Employees.

Geographical Chart of Lost Time Claim Rates across Canada

All these data for the next 5-years on Lost Time Claims are predictions generated from the previous years collected through a lot of research and analysis. Previous year claim rates can be found from these following sites for your verification

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