October 16

Relaunch Announcement: How Soteria120 Used the COVID-19 Lockdown to Retool

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Relaunch Announcement: How Soteria120 Used the COVID-19 Lockdown to Retool

By Rob Crooks, MSC, CTDP

October 16, 2020

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This spring and summer, as we all struggled to deal with COVID-19 and the related disruptions Soteria120 took the opportunity to test out some of our ideas while helping to deliver necessary information about the pandemic, the virus, and how to keep your business afloat during these times.

We got some amazing feedback! We heard about how helpful the app was and how people could envision using it in the workplace. We also heard about how we could improve many aspects of the app and the way customers interact with it. We’ve worked hard through the summer to make those changes, as well as create some new programs and demos that you can try out starting now!

Meet the app that’s going to change the way you think about construction safety

  • Certifications in 2 minutes/day
    Our programs now automatically generate regulatory-compliant certificates and manage them for you
  • Easily sign-up for a 21-day free trial
    Our sign-up process is now fully automated and allows you full control over your user experience while testing the app
  • Powerful Analytics
    Our new Analytics package and demo page are up and running. Try out our functional Behavioural Risk Dashboard
  • More Courses
    We've added 6 new programs to service the construction industry including our best-in-class WHMIS 2015 Course

Check out what we’ve built for you: 

Our new sign-up process has evolved into a full self-service Learning Management System, where you can switch between different programs and manage your certifications!

We’re still looking for feedback!  There are automated surveys that are activated when you sign in. But you can also send us an email directly or use the feedback tool in the app to send us comments related to a particular activity in the app.

We’re so excited about showing you what we’ve been working on, we’re offering a $100 discount for new members who sign up in the next 30 days.

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Rob Crooks, MSC, CTDP

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Rob is one of the founders of Soteria120.
He writes for the blog on topics involving the instructional design principles and strategy of the company as we work to disrupt and transform the learning industry. He brings his background in learning and development, management, and neuroscience to the blog while commenting on how Soteria120's platform works to deliver better results and turn training into a risk management asset.

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