August 11

Soteria120 Featured in Best Startup Magazine, August 2022



Soteria120 Featured in Best Startup Magazine, August 2022

By Rob Crooks, MSC, CTDP

August 11, 2022

Robert Crooks


Our mission is to save lives and improve workforce welfare. We do this by combining technology from adaptive learning to AI-driven data analytics to provide continuous training and assessment of worker capabilities.


I spent decades delivering “training” the old fashioned ways: in a classroom, online, eLearning, and even at the worksite or in the gym. I saw how inefficient, slow, and bureaucratic it was. I also saw how ineffective it was, especially given how expensive it was.

Traditional training sucks. I used to sell it, build it, manage it, deliver it, and I personally hate it. I can’t sit through an eLearning course. I have no patience for video training. I fall asleep in a classroom. Worse, most of it is unnecessary because its barely related to job performance.


We are laser focused on the welfare of the frontline workforce. Regardless of the industry, or the particular topic or skill we’re developing a program for, that’s always our priority filter: which project will improve workforce welfare the most, in the shortest time?

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Rob Crooks, MSC, CTDP

About the author

Rob is one of the founders of Soteria120.
He writes for the blog on topics involving the instructional design principles and strategy of the company as we work to disrupt and transform the learning industry. He brings his background in learning and development, management, and neuroscience to the blog while commenting on how Soteria120's platform works to deliver better results and turn training into a risk management asset.

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