The Truly Human Way

Leadership, With a People-First Perspective

Soteria120 has partnered with MegaGrowth Solutions to deliver a truly unique, Truly Human, leadership program.

This program is unlike anything you've seen before!  

Our app serves up 5-10 questions each day, selected just for you. We chose the questions based on your previous responses, so each user's experience is different. Our system learns about you while you learn about the Truly Human Way.

We educate and support you with reminders as you grow continuously on your path towards becoming a more human, caring, effective, but also profitable and growth-focused leader!

In this program you will learn about concepts like:

Truly Human Companies

This program is targeted to current and aspiring senior leaders

  • The true purpose of business growth
  • How to do recognition and rewards the right way
  • Balancing the needs of employees, customers leaders, shareholders, stakeholders, and the community
  • Measuring and continuously reinforcing your growth in meaningful ways
Truly Human Employees

This program is targeted to all employees, regardless of experience, rank or role

  • How employees can get out of the blame-the-boss game and take accountability for their career path
  • Creating trust and connection with your boss by helping them solve their hardest problems
  • Being a leader even without the title
  • How to build your credibility by listening and caring
Living in the Entitlement-Free Zone

This program is targeted to all employees, regardless of experience, rank or role

  • Responsibility and Economic adulthood
  • Self improvement to increase your usefulness and contributions to your employer and community
  • Commitment, abundance, and a bigger future you
  • The entrepreneurial mindset that accelerates your success even as an employee
The Value-Giver Way

This program is targeted to everyone regardless of their employment status

  • Becoming a person of value
  • How to think about your compensation so you can achieve long-term wealth and success
  • Taking action for your future
  • Finding your unique monopoly
We are interested in collecting as much feedback on this tool from as many different people and organizations as possible.  If you're at all interested in testing it out - or testing your own knowledge - you can sign up here, now or watch the video below for more information.

How to Get Started

step 1

Register for the Truly Human Company Program

Review the video below and then head over to our website register by visiting the link below the video

Not sure if this program is right for you?  Your company is running as smoothly, and profitably as possible? 

Check this sample of the content to get an idea of what's included:

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