June 5

Why Blue and Gold?

Allan Macdonald, Entrepreneurship


Why Blue and Gold?

By Allan Macdonald

June 5, 2020

Branding, Soteria120

Great question! At Soteria120 we chose the blue and gold colors to reflect our corporate qualities:

The gold colour means gold standard service and business security through quality learning that drives performance and enables a new aspect of risk management.

The blue colour represents strength and the blue-collar workers that our programs target. Making them safer is our singular purpose. We aim to save lives.

At Soteria120 we believe that every business deserves the attention that the owner of that business puts into it. Our commitment is to improve your business through innovation, outstanding quality programs, and dedicated implementation support. This will translate into better morale, higher productivity and loss prevention.

When we sat down to define our business the following qualities were discussed:

  • Sincerity
    • There will be no smoke in our dealings. We have many resources that we can call on to solve your challenge. The Soteria120 team believes that every business deserves to be secure. Our team will provide you with alternatives if we cannot fulfill your request to everyone's satisfaction.
  • Fidelity
    • We live our lives by these principles. It is not a choice for us to treat anyone but through the way we live. The programming that we will give your team will ensure that the concepts are enshrined in their work behaviours.
  • Honesty
    • Our word is our bond. Yes, we have all the legalese in our contracts, however our preference is for those to just be words. Our words are our bond. We have an organized approach to everything that we do, and we will ensure that your challenge is thoroughly analysed before we meet. Our team will ensure that you will be 100% comfortable with the plan to move forward before that occurs. We expect that you will return the favor.
  • Capacity
    • We are a small team of specialists. We cannot possibly do or be everything to everyone. For very large and ambitious projects we have partner companies that we can access in order to maintain program integrity.
Our demand for these four qualities in ourselves have caused each of the principals to terminate relationships with other companies in the past. We welcome your challenge, whatever it may be. Nothing is too far out in left field for us to consider an action plan.
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Allan Macdonald

About the author

Allan has spent the past 30 years working in emergency response and safety related industries. He is an accomplished instructor who has taught around the world in a variety of settings. Allan’s passion is aiding his clients in finding the safest way to successfully and efficiently complete a project, program or task. He is constantly assessing alternative approaches to overcoming a challenge.

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