May 8

The Joy of Good Tools

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The Joy of Good Tools

By Daniel Kempling

May 8, 2020

Learning, Safety, Tools

Before I moved full time into Occupational Health and Safety I used to run a residential construction company. Every once in a while, as a builder, you come across a novel situation that calls for a tool that you know for sure you don't have, and, in some cases, are not even quite sure exists. On my first timber framing project, I remember being in awe of the chain mortiser, and the possibilities for joinery it represented. Having used it, I'll never go back to drilling and chiseling again. I'm having a similar experience of delighted discovery with this remarkable 21st century training and risk management tool, Soteria120.

As a Safety Coordinator, one of my many duties is to track and organize safety compliance training for the various work groups within our operation. There's a host of challenges associated with this task:

  • Availability and quality of trainers
  • Production time lost to classroom time
  • Scheduling conflicts with critical production
  • Associated travel and accommodation costs for both trainers and employees
  • Getting a quorum of students to fill a class minimum
  • Beyond pass/fail, no meaningful metric of the employee's retention of material

And, to many employees, safety training is like cleaning toilets: Has to be done. Rather not do it.

Traditional, classroom-based safety training is a tool, an administrative control, that we've all been using for decades to address our workplace risk management. As a tool, I say it lacks sharpness and reliability. Soteria120, as a tool, is sharp, reliable, gives consistently superior results and costs less than the traditional model. When I found this system, I knew I had to be involved, because it solves just about every challenge I've listed above. Here's what I've found from my first few months using this remarkable tool:

  • Users need as little 2 minute/day to complete their Mastery Moments. Incorporating this as part of a the morning Toolbox Meeting works great. Scheduling conflicts, lost production time, trainer availability, handled.
  • Employees are engaged daily in the learning process. I've been personally test-driving this- the retention of essential information is unmatched.
  • You have access to real-time data, with remarkable detail, on what your team knows for sure. To safety administrators and auditors, this is priceless intel.
  • Soteria120 gives you another data nugget that I've never seen anywhere else: clear, solid metrics on what critical information your employee thinks they know with certainty, yet, as it turns out, is just plain wrong. Again, priceless.

Also, we're in the midst of a global pandemic. How do we get our team together for training, yet remain safe from contagion. Soteria120 solves this problem too.

Soteria120 is the real deal: a method of agile, micro-learning that supplies data and measurable results like nothing else I've found in my career. It's the tool I've been waiting for.

Do yourself a favor, check it out!

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Daniel Kempling

About the author

Daniel is a dedicated Safety and Emergency Management professional with a passion for education and mentorship. In his career in Health and Safety, Daniel has worked as Rescue Tech, Medic, site Safety Officer, Trainer, Regional Manager and Municipal Safety Coordinator. In the Emergency Management realm, Daniel has worked as Director of Emergency Management and currently serves as a member of Alberta Task Force 1, NW Alberta’s All Hazard Incident Management team.

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